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The interactive audiovisual installation 'cosmociclópeo' integrates computer technology as an expressive medium, creating an immersive experience over the Minho territory. The computational system produces written imagery and sound from sequences of images and sounds impregnated with meanings, allowing users to make a personal and subjective reading of the moment of interaction.

Words, images, and sounds are symbols that use their own characteristics of communication and meaning. This process of evocation produces meaning in the interacting subjects, allowing for relationships, connections, and associations between the aesthetic and formal characteristics of the composition. The painted panels, inspired by the natural and urban environments of Minho, are spatially organized in a structuring formation that changes slowly, arranging in the virtual space as if it were a constellation of visual compositions. This creates a virtual universe, a new experimental and imaginary territory with potential for exploration of innovative ways of seeing and thinking, fostering the extension of our powers of thought, sensations, feelings, and actions. The installation's primary objective is to construct narratives, flowing from a process of pareidolia, which evokes figures and images that impel the construction of stories. The graphic compositions were created using a digital drawing and painting system programmed in Javascript, which allows for the use and manipulation of various registration tools. A computational machine emerges as a virtual co-author, controlling a series of functions and adding random elements or decisions to the graphic record. The formal aesthetic is based on a protolanguage, allowing for a deeper understanding of the Minho territory and its inhabitants.

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  • Category: ..........Interactive
  • Date: .............. June 2022
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