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Bits memoreae project aims to create an intermediate computational installation that works in connection with a central relational database. The database commands the computational system of the interface by articulating connections between elements stored in its tables. The software creates visual projections on an acrylic support, and audio can accompany this registration process. The projection support is segmented into different parts and contains a retro-projection film, allowing various possibilities in projecting images on its segments.

The installation is presented inside a darkened building, integrating virtuality into the physical space for action and interaction. The system's relational database integrates different entities characterized by their attributes and relationships, giving rise to a central management system for exchanges between all stored information. The functionality model introduces a series of information collected by the artist into the database, which can grow by introducing new elements, similar to the internet's common spaces called 'wiki'. The database entities are referenced by categories such as 'Chronology', 'Social', 'Politics', 'Economy', 'Geography', 'Science', and 'Culture'. The graphics produced by the software visually translate relationships between the graphics, creating articulations between the graphics, resembling associative memory of physical and temporal 'places'.

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  • Category: ..........Interactive
  • Date: .............. June 2017
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