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Dynamic Reg is an algorithm-based drawing and digital painting system developed during research practice. The software, initially programmed in Javascript, allows users to create two-dimensional graphic compositions in the virtual environment.

The user can manipulate graphical information through audiovisual language, drawing with the software, and performing continuous operations such as capturing gestures and movements through a digital camera or peripheral devices. The code is written in two large blocks: one handling data reception and input, and the other containing rules for graphic production based on a time event. The code triggers sequential actions, controlling line thickness, stain, shape, speed of movement, interactive trajectory, type of movement, elasticity, and chromatic table. Color palettes and chromatic values are introduced through various methods, such as analyzing pixels of a digital bitmap image, data arrays, or machine learning in tensorflow.js. The machine acts as a virtual co-author, controlling a series of functions and adding more to the drawing than traditional mediums typically do. The final graphic composition can be exported as a bitmap image in JPEG or PNG format, with enough quality and resolution for large format printing.

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  • Category: ..........Code art
  • Date: .............. February 2021
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