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The VIRUS interactive installation by Albano Martins and Nuno Ferreira is an interdisciplinary practice that explores human movements, communicative exchanges, and social interactions in city spaces. The artists use computational technologies and their appropriation by individuals to alter the way art is conceived, redefining methodological development and reframing contemporary artistic practices.

The installation integrates resources such as digital networks and peripheral computational devices, exploring the dialogical and bidirectional relationship between digital and analogue components, human performance, and computational virtuality. This discourse is present throughout the work and results in digital images produced from live video streaming. The installation aims to raise questions about how contemporary art acquires new configurations within the "cybernetic" territory, particularly how the artistic object is reconfigured in a culture of technical and technological nature characterized by an increasingly organized global intelligence. The integration of computational machines with their peripheral devices allows the spectator to carry out a personal and subjective reading of their connection with the installation apparatus, evoking sense and meaning in the interacting subjects.

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  • Category: ..........Interactive
  • Date: ..............January 2017
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