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"The Marinland Crew" is a concept for a animated short film, that combines six characters to create a captivating world of animated characters.

The project features a young and fearless protagonist, the "Wanderer," who is filled with curiosity and determination. The enigmatic "Man of Shadows" is a mysterious figure with a complex backstory, drawn into the depths of his soul. The "Wisdom of the Owl" is a wise creature with delicate feathers, providing guidance in uncertain paths. The majestic "Gallop of the Horse" symbolizes strength and freedom, with its taut muscles and mane flowing in the wind. The "Leap of the Rabbit" adds a touch of playful charm, with its agile form frozen mid-jump. These six black and white drawings paint a canvas of endless storytelling possibilities, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the timeless world of "The Monochrome Crew," where imagination knows no bounds.

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  • Category: ..........Animation
  • Date: ..............July 2015
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