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RASTER concept is based on my PHD research about artistic projects created for and within web 3.0 and on the conceptual and structural transposition to the digital realm of an 'image atlas', as originally proposed by Aby Warburg.

RASTER lets the user take control of image outputs, saved during the interaction process with a 3D environment. Programmed in javascript and Three.js library for an installation project in 2022, this process produces an archive of navigational moments captured by user interaction. The interface of the installation runs in a web browser and presents a set of visual compositions, juxtaposed in virtual space. The user can interact with this 3D environment with a keyboard, a game or midi controller. The navigational process allows him to browse the graphic compositions in the 3D space, comparing, establishing relationships, connections and associations between their aesthetics and formal characteristics. The image compositions presented in ‘RASTER’ were created with different versions of a digital painting system, recoded in javascript from a project produced with AS3 programming language, and connected to a MYSQL database. The rules expressed in the code vary in their complexity, giving rise to a fluid geometric register. The computational machine appears in this process as a virtual co-author, which controls a series of functions and adds random elements to the graphic record: The use of color palettes and different chromatic values ​​is introduced in the program from different pixels of a bitmap image or through chromatic values in 'arrays' of data, coming from the database. Recycled from two old projects, the main parts of the code were joined and rearranged to produce this experiment. The aim of ‘RASTER’ project is the production of new visual compositions captured during the interaction with the 3D interface. All the output images presented to PCD 2023 were collected in a digital archive as an integral part of this artistic process. The code allowed saving the visual interface area as a PNG file during the interaction process and the quality and resolution of the images is equivalent to the definitions of the projection (1680x1050 pixels).

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  • Category: ..........Interactive
  • Date: .............. October 2018
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