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Coiler: Electrons is an interactive installation that merges the realms of reality and imagination using plexiglass as its canvas. The projections captivate the tervention of the audience with its interplay of light and shadow. The installation consists of multiple layers of plexiglass panels suspended in a carefully choreographed arrangement, where the images and lights projections were made.

The motion sensors embedded throughout the exhibit detect the presence of viewers. As visitors move around the installation, an array of carefully positioned projectors come to life, casting vibrant and dynamic light projections onto the plexiglass panels. These ethereal images dance and morph in response to the movements of the audience, creating an ever-changing, immersive experience. As viewers engage with the instaallation, they become an integral part of the artwork, actively shaping the visual narrative and forging a profound connection between the art and its audience.

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  • Category: ..........Interactive
  • Date: .............. January 2018
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